“The picture was taken by a friend of mine more than four years ago now. I still remember the situation very well, sitting on the floor at Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin where there was this music festival. Smoking a lot, drinking Wodka out of a plastic can (no glass allowed) and being tipsy at 2 pm. It was two months after I broke up with a very long lasting relationship, so this was my daily routine now: cigarettes and alcohol. I didn’t live healthily but it was a great summer, my first without anxieties in terms of almost everything in life. You can even see it in the color of my hair. A nonsense detail but remarkable: I dyed it for first time ever. Even this meant freedom for me. Sad but true. I was dating a handsome guy who kind of healed my soul after seven years of trouble with my ex. Showed me what it meant to be treated humanly. Around that time I also met another guy with a rather unusual name. We had a date but then he did not get in touch again. I ran into him and his band at this festival right before the picture was taken. Again: I was kind of hooked even though he obviously wasn’t very interested in me. Maybe it was exactly what triggered me. In the end we were together for more than three years.”