"I was in Pompei with a group of very close friends. We were being immature, loudly roaming the ancient grounds, smoking really shitty hash in the smouldering hot. It wasn't an easy moment for me. There where a lot of crisis going on at the same time - in my family, in my relationship, in the workplace. As much as I was having fun with the guys, I couldn't really detach completely from a physical sense of dread, as real and present as the heat. We were pretending to shoot a hip-hop video - as I said, we were being a bit immature - and my best friend, N., told me to sit down and act seriously. So I did. When I actually saw the photo, I really liked its defining elements: the shade, the plants, the stone. I thought it represented my turmoil well, and N. definitely shot my better side. Things are better now, so today I get to look at it and remember the day we got really high and really sweaty and really happy dumb at Pompei."