“Lauren is a goddess. That sweater is very expensive cashmere and they do not make the colour anymore, which angers me beyond belief because the elbow got caught in a zipper of a bag. I got it fixed, but the perfectionist is bothered by it albeit it is and will be always wonderful to touch. Autumn White is the superior choice for turtlenecks do not let Jobs or Foucalt fool you, not only regarding turtleneck colour choices. Back to the picture. I love the composition, there is few greater loves than the archetypical. It is actually part of a loose trilogy, like all good things. The glasses add a sadness and their rich brown tones contrast the stark black and white Bacall portrait. I picked that portrait up at a flea market for 1 euro, it gave me hope as women tend to do. I love the fact that it fits almost perfectly half of the screen, I am pleased with the angle, because everything is about angles, especially the positioning of man and woman in eternal interaction. Those glasses are actually correction glasses, I got them because people always said that glasses are the victory of curiosity over vanity, and I always thought that whoever said that sentence first must know shit about what curiosity means. So I took a stand. One always should, because things are too important. The sad part about this picture is that I only found out at some later point that Bogart cheated on Bacall throughout their whole relationship. I almost cried when my friend told me. If you ever want to feel depressed, think about that. People are terrible.”