“This image of me as a hunched and shrouded realitynaut feels more true than any shiny gurning portrait. I’m on a shoot in southern Germany trying to keep warm at some unfathomable hour of the morning. I’ve chosen this rock because if I twist my arm right I might get two bars of service on my phone and we’ve been isolated for a couple of days already without internet. My silver spacesuit has been borrowed for the shoot and those flames passing back and forth from wrist to hood are also a bandana meant for one of the actors. I’m on standby, power down. I was doing the costumes on a short film about virtual reality and about truth called Information Skies. The truth is that at this moment I wished I was online, locked up in some hikikomori trollcave instead of breathing clean forest air beside a beautiful lake. In dreams large bodies of water are supposed to represent the subconscious and who’s to say that the whole shoot wasn’t a dream, out there in the cabin with no service, no connection save for human interaction? I like the fact I’m a meatbag is concealed too – no visible flesh, no “real” me.”