“2014 was a year full of personal shifts, and probably the most intense year of my life. A break-up left me wallowing in self-pity. I quit my reporting job in Berlin. I moved to New York to become a freelance writer and got arrested after only one week on the job, alongside a New York journalist with a big heart. He brought me into his gang of wonderful and smart friends, including a woman who became my partner and has changed my life forever. And at the end of that year I was standing on a porch in the Uruguayan fishing village Punta del Diablo next to a dog, whom I feared, and my Birkenstock-clad British-Berliner cousin Andreas dancing to Nick Cave, which scared me less. Only a few days before, my brother got married to his Montevidean girlfriend. After an almost-too-perfect wedding we rented a couple of cottages near the beach, got sunburned and high, celebrated christmas in swimming trunks. I remember feeling the urge to share my new life with my old friends, but eventually we mainly talked about Gareth Bale and Kendrick Lamar.”