“Yeah you might think this picture doesn’t really qualify but even behind a no-face there is a story. It was Monday evening, I decided it was time for a new profile picture, I picked one where I thought I looked cute. So I uploaded it and…..nothing happened. Well maybe 7 likes in 25 minutes. If you know how the like-game on Facebook works, you know this is a bad statistic. It’s crucial to get the likes coming in within the first seconds, minutes, so it starts spreading among your friends. I will never forget that feeling, feeling so digitally exposed, staring at my own digital angst, feeling the digital rejection I always thought I was immune to. Having a profile picture with only 7 likes. I felt so ashamed for even feeling that way but it got to me. I decided to free myself from the profile-picture-concept and got rid of it. To deny my face on Facebook, it felt LIKE a fuck you to this gigantic company which controls so many parts of our lives. I had this beautiful dream of a “faceless revolution” by us, all of facebooks users. I never thought of going back to profile-picture-zone but I do have to admit I love looking at all of the digital faces and giving them a reassuring like. Knowing it must mean something to them.”