“This is one of these random photos someone takes and you are not aware of. I just came back from a two-weeks holiday on an island with a surprisingly sport-obsessed constantly jogging friend, whilst I actually tried to live the West-Berlin art of doing nothing much of anything but got distracted on my way and started reading the thing called book again. On our arrival I decided to go directly from the airport to Odessa Bar. As u can see the story of my life, counting the rest of my money, is well pictured. I notice I even carried a wallet at this time, a tradition I would give up some time later. Even though Odessa is closing, the night would go on at several places which even had no name to remember back then. Absolutely no shortage of misguided ideas. Drink of the night was Gin & erotic indifference, my dressing style is unimpressive peacock, my hair got a little blonder from all that sun and I was pretty happy to do all the stuff that night I am usually complaining about but missed so much on the Canary islands. Next day someone someone posted that photo, I realized that this is me and stole it. No consequences so far.”