“So...that’s my frend Janni, we went on a trip to India earlier this year. While half sleep walking in the streets of Mangalore, after an 16h train ride we found our selfs inside a super indian super trashy gift shop, just to please our eyes. We discovered an inflatable Spiderman figure, which we found incredible at that moment...so we bought him, brought it to Germany, where it was forgotten in the heaps of goa pants and fake dreads at my friends place in Leipzig...At some point it came back to mind shortly before we visited a Festival at Ostsee called Meeresrauschen. We happily inflated our gadget & he became a rock solid member of the party crew. After 4 days of sick dancemoves and hella lot of drugs, he deflated slowly, but surely. We were unable to bring him back to life and ever since this time, everywhere we see spiderman merch, we get sentimental and tend to spend money on it.... The mask Janni is wearing was just an addition of weirdness to the Albania trip we did couple of weeks ago.”